Serving the Public Through Awareness on the Osteopathic Approach to Wellness.

Serving Physicians Through Education That Supports the Osteopathic Approach to Wellness.

Advocate for the Principles of Osteopathic Medicine as the Best Way to Achieve Wellness

Strategic Priorities / Programs of the Foundation

  1. Provide and support public awareness on the osteopathic approach to wellness, community service and health policy.
  2. Provide support to the education of osteopathic physicians through tuition scholarships, residency assistance, and continuing medical education sponsorships.
  3. Provide recognition to osteopathic physicians that give outstanding service to the community and the osteopathic profession.
  4. A commitment to expanding our impact through growing our endowment, sponsored partnerships, and direct fundraising for specific programs.
  5. We strive to be a recognized leader in the not-for-profit community for the quality of our Board of Directors, programs, and communications.

Three Ways You Can Help the Foundation Make An Impact!

The Foundation was created in 1985 with the sale of the not-for-profit Eastmoreland Hospital in Portland, OR. The investment returns from these proceeds fund ALL of the administrative and fundraising costs of the Foundation. That means 100% of your donation supports Foundation strategic initiatives and programs!!!