Osteopathic Medicine is growing rapidly in the Northwest! The last decade has seen two new osteopathic medical schools and two branches of a third school started with a fourth school opening in August 2018. Residency Programs with “osteopathic recognition” continue to be developed as the need for primary care physicians continues to be a challenge across the region. Big healthcare companies and small local practices continue to recruit DOs from around the country to bring our unique, high quality style of medicine to the people who call the Northwest home.

Your membership in the Foundation is the best way to insure that all these new DOs have the support they have come to expect from the Foundation for generations to come.

Scott Fannin DO Becomes the Newest Life Member

As a commitment to the long-term growth of the Foundation, membership dues are added to the General Endowment of the Foundation. So, the answer to the question,  “How do you spend my dues?” is “We NEVER spend your dues! We only spend the interest we get from investing your dues!

So what comes with membership?

  • You will receive periodic newsletters, mailings, and emails about matters important to the northwest osteopathic medical community
  • You are providing financial support for the strategic initiatives of the Foundation
  • You can join the general membership at the annual meeting to make your voice heard to influence the future course of osteopathic medicine in the Pacific Northwest

Dues are only $100 per year! But less if you qualify for a discount. Why not join TODAY?

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